Murky's power level oppresses community-- is he too strong?

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The Murky rework was a huge success in creating a more powerful hero, but many players find it exhausting and overwhelming. Should a specialist like Murky be this strong?

With Murky topping the Hotslogs charts with a whopping 57% win rate, we have entered a brave new world. Murky isn't a troll pick, or a fun quick-match distraction-- he is a top tier force that demands banning or first picking:

Even a casual glance at the Heroes sub-Reddit lately reveals a pretty clear trend:

Or Psalm puts it, "a Dark era"

So what is the problem?

The thing about Murky is he is inherently frustrating to play against. A hero that doesn't go away and gives no XP when you kill it? A hero that can turn invulnerable at will? A hero that hides his spawn location? You don't want this hero to be a top-tier powerhouse.

He is the Heroes of the Storm equivalent of a Techies or Teemo. By the same logic, player experience can get pretty awful when invisible landmines and suicidal heroes become the standard meta. These mechanics are either loved or loathed by the player base and most people can handle them in small doses.

Niche Murky picks that find a way to be effective can be some of the most exciting moments of competitive heroes, remember Cloud9's Murky at BlizzCon 2015?

Murky has never been stronger but is that a good thing? Some of the most common player feedback is that the XP Murky grants needs to match how difficult he has become to kill. With fake Eggs and tons of powerhouse defensive talents like Fish Tank and Big Tuna Kahuna, it's difficult to kill Murky and we all know what happens when you ignore him. He becomes a split push nightmare while effortlessly diving fragile backline heroes.

Other concerns include how long his Slime slows enemy heroes and how easy it is to get free value out of A Fishy Deal. All in all, the issue with Murky seems to be how easy it is to have a huge impact on the battleground. Until this changes, expect to see a lot more Murky bans in 2017.

Yep, Murky bans.

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  • Jeremy "Crowjeremy55555555" Crow ,
    Is this real haha, I've played against murky a lot in HL the last couple of days and he hasn't been in a winning game. If the opposing team picks murky early he's the easiest champ to counter. I doubt he'll me seen much in proplay


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