Valeera confirmed for Heroes of the Storm?

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Thanks to a leaked image name on the Blizzard Press kit, it looks like the legions of Heroes fans asking for a Warcraft Rogue are getting exactly what they asked for.

So if you didn't already know about it, Blizzard has this nifty press kit page that hosts all the official images, screenshots, and release info for media types that need to create content based on their games. This is pretty standard procedure and your average user can still enjoy browsing through it for a high-resolution image of their favorite hero every now and then.

But, thanks to human error, it looks like we have gotten a sneak peak at the newest hero that will join the Nexus. The screenshot above posted on Reddit just moments ago all but confirms it:

See that 0 kB file named "Valeera Screenshots" that looks scheduled to post on the 24th of January? Yeah, that isn't supposed to be there.

There is another file out of place regarding the Lunar New Year but that is much less exciting than Valeera entering the Nexus. It's nothing but speculation (backed by some pretty hard evidence) but, assuming it's real, what might we expect from the first Rogue entering the game?

Here are some initial thoughts:

  • True stealth. No Starcraft shimmer but real Rogue stealth that can't be detected. Perhaps slowing movement speed to make up for it?
  • Gank style gameplay. What is better than backstabbing unsuspecting opponents for massive damage?
  • Poisons. Rogues are known for a variety of poisons that enhance their normal attacks to inflict all sorts of nasty things on their enemies.
  • 3 possible variants of Rogue. Most people understand there are 3 types of Warcraft mages (Fire, Frost, and Arcane) but the differences between Rogues are a little more nuanced:
    • Valeera could be Combat-based and excel at directly fighting other physical-damage heroes
    • She could also be more of an opportunist Assassin, defined by immense single-target burst damage.
    • Lastly, Valeera could be based on a Subtlety rogue with increased stealth capablities, blinds, CC's, and disorienting abilities.


Or perhaps Blizzard could scrap all of this and Valeera could be our first hero that acknowledges the Hearthstone universe. She is, after all, best known as the game's only character that represents the Rogue card class.

We will report more as this story develops.

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