MVP announces 2017 rosters for Black and Miracle

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Sign and Rich have quit the pro scene. MVP Miracle loses two members to MVP Black, while welcoming Hongcono and Dami as their replacements.

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For much of 2016, MVP Black was the team to beat in Heroes of the Storm eSports. They had a 40 map winning streak, went on to have a 34 match winning streak, and won 3 straight major Heroes of the Storm events (Super League Season 1, the Spring Global Championship and Gold Series Hero League - Spring). Their decline was gradual, as they remained among the best for the entire year even after some other teams caught up.

However, it had become apparent after their shocking losses to Fnatic at BlizzCon, and MVP Miracle during the playoffs of the Gold Club World Championship, that the team had lost a step. It isn't a total surprise that MVP Black will not return their entire roster.

It was a total shock, however, to learn that the departing members were Sign and Rich, widely considered to be 2 of MVP Black's best players. This is especially true considering that they would have guaranteed themselves the salary promised by Blizzard to players in the top 8 teams of all the major regions for participating in the HGC Leagues. Sign and Rich will not be joining another team - they appear to be leaving the scene entirely for the time being. This is a big blow to the Korean scene, as Sign and Rich were easily among the best in the world at their roles, with many considering Rich the best player in the world.

Ttsst and Reset of MVP Miracle have replaced the departed Sign and Rich on MVP Black. 

Hongcono and Dami (formerly on Tempo Storm) have replaced Ttsst and Reset on MVP Miracle.

2017 MVP Black Roster 

  • Sake (Ranged Assassin)
  • KyoCha (Flex)
  • Merryday (Support)
  • Ttsst (Warrior)
  • Reset (Melee Flex)

2017 MVP Miracle Roster

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Will either MVP roster challenge Ballistix/L5 in the coming year?

Both teams are still full of elite talent
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Ballistix was already ahead of both teams - and now they will have a synergy advantage
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