A new player enters the ring: beGenius signs a Heroes of the Storm team.

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

A handful of veterans come together to form their own team. From the ashes of Evil Murkies and Virtus.pro, beGenius is formed.


With the 2017 Heroes Pro league drawing nearer, Heroes esports is getting more attention than ever before. It is only natural that past competitors would come out of the woodwork to reforge old teams with the hopes of their share of the professional limelight.

The latest team to be signed is Unbent, known for competing in Zotac and Go4Heroes EU tournaments. With this acquistion, the organization plans on continuing these competitions, no doubt with hopes of making it into one of the 8 top 8

This quote from the Team Captain "Tank" explains each player's origins and the considerable Heroes experience between the group:

To start, we are three former teammates (Arrakeen, Danatan and I) from Evil Murkies. We took place in the DreamHack Tours 2016 together and reached top 6 Europe.

Kirwa comes from a full FR team : PEGI 18 He joined Unbent when it has been created.

Unnstable isn’t a totally unknown on Heroes of the Storm EU’s scene because he was part of semi pro team Virtus.pro. He joined Unbent after He decided to convert to EU.

We all has a past in a team and in competition. We know that environnement and what it means to be in such a team. We are proud to represent beGenius ESC’s colours.

This official announcement includes quotes from each player and a brief introduction of the teams goals. The roster is as follows:


  • TankFTW France - CaptainFrance
  • Arrakëën FranceFrance 
  • Kirwa FranceFrance 
  • Danatan FranceFrance 
  • Unnstable Russian FederationRussia 
  • Manuchats,Spain  Manager Spain

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