Bloodlust tournament finale a huge success

Heroes Jason “Renofox” Renau

Four great NA teams come together for a colorful showing at the Bloodlust finals.  Let’s look at the highlights of this crazy event!  Click on each picture to jump to video.  You can check the bracket for the event here.

Something like you’ve never seen
With former number one North American team members Dunktrain, Zoia, and Kaeyoh as casters and analysts the bloodlust crew provide a rich narrative and endless entertainment.  This is not your grandma’s tournament.

The grassroots level of play
In the final day of Bloodlust, we are treated to watching three of the top ten best North American teams go head to head in matches even more impressive than during the North American Regional Championship, only this time with new hero Alarak and new battleground Braxis Holdout in play. 


1. GFE vs Naventic game one shock and awe out the gate with suicide Dropship

GFE is ready for the Naventic’s plans and dismantles the Dropship in short order, wiping the team.

2. GFE vs Naventic game two Naventic aggressive comeback and boss play

This match gets paused during the early phase because Zuna’s niece is crying over game one.  How’s that for technical difficulty. GFE gets back to back turn ins midgame but at 20/19 Naventic baits the boss.  Xul provides a distraction and gets collapsed on.  Meanwhile, Zagara gets taken down, leading to a successful team fight and boss for Naventic.

3. Is it Chili in here? Game 2 DTS vs Nice!

DTS show off how much they’ve been practicing The Lost Vikings by busting out Cho’Gal.  Oh yeah, all while Zoia and Dunktrain try cast after each eating an unidentified chili from Jake’s neighbor’s garden.  The fans must be appeased!  This really must be watched from the beginning.  

 4. Uh, then this happened.  You’ll just have to watch for yourself…

There are no words.  This was just slipped in there.  Enjoy!

5. GFE vs Naventic game one Naventic’s solid double support play

Naventic Dominates with double support and aggressive team-fighting, wrapping up with a boss steal attempt.

6. GFE vs Naventic game two Naventic’s half-support play

After showing the power of the double support team comp Naventic settles on solo support Tyrande for match two; what?  After an early game struggle, Naventic handily wins team fight after team fight with great coordination.  20/18 Naventic sets up the most amazing Falstad Flight, into Gust, into 5 man Mosh, wiping everyone on GFE except Fan.  In an excellent show of sportsmanship, Fan, knowing the match is lost, vaults away and B-steps a few times, nodding to his former teammates' tremendous play.

7. The success of the crowd funding

The matches were amazing, the casters funny and insightful, the teams crazy and furious; you couldn’t ask for a better event.  After the community pulled together $11,000 in prize monies, Naventic takes home $8k and we are left with great hopes for the next Bloodlust grassroots tournament.

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