This Cho'Gall draft destroyed the competition

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

During the first day of the EU Nexus Games open qualifier, TBD brought out a rampaging Cho'Gall that seemed unstoppable.

Draft starts at the 3 hour 45 minute mark!

We've seen Cho'Gall a ton this weekend, both during the Bloodlust qualifier matches and now, the EU Nexus Games qualifier. Cho'Gall has always been a strong hero since the buffs last patch, but the current meta seems to have found a special home for him supported by Auriel.

However, this Cho'Gall composition by TBD looked like it was played to perfection. Double Portal Medivh?  Searing Light Auriel? Yeah, this game has them both and it seemed insane.

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If you haven't seen these matches, check out the full past broadcast on Twitch.tv here.

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Is Cho'Gall the new hotness?

Yes, but he needs those specific support heroes
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No, just a gimmick.
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