Gul'Dan Spotlight reveals new and horrifying game mechanics

Heroes Ryan “BoardShorts” Krage

If you listen closely, you can hear all the Warlock players from WoW collectively Kreygasm over the just-released Spotlight for everyone’s favorite Orcish Warlock, Gul’Dan.

The game developers always seem to find a way to introduce new and exciting mechanics into the game and they definitely don’t disappoint with the next hero to enter the Nexus.

At first glance, we think Gul’Dan will be one of the game’s better duelists and waveclear heroes right out of the gate, his Rain of Destruction heroic looks like it may replace Hyperion as the largest AoE in the game, and his trait, Life Tap, is going to enable mechanically gifted players to separate themselves from the horde (sorry, couldn’t help it) with high risk/high reward gameplay.

We're especially excited to test out strategies and combos with Horrify, a heroic that causes enemies to literally lose control and scatter. Not only can it be used as an initiate and a retreat, but it also looks like a deflating counter to heavy dive compositions. We can't wait to see what the pros do with it.

The pros might be too busy messing around with his other abilities, though...

Gul’Dan is currently available to play in the latest PTR and will officialy arrive in the Nexus Tuesday, July 12th.

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Life Tap
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Ryan “BoardShorts” Krage
Ryan “BoardShorts” Krage AKA the Day Dreamer with a Day Job. Love gettin my nerd on with Heroes of the Storm in my free time. GosuCrew and the HOTS eSports community are OP. Tap into the latest @BoardSh0rts on Twitter


  • Jarrad "Belandrial" Adams ,
    I am one of those Vanilla Warlocks that literally screamed a little as saw the Life Tap symbol on my screen. Really excited to try him out, but I feel the RNG of Rain of Destruction might make it fall a bit short - thus the Horrify might just work better as a utility zoning device. A nice new counter to ETC+Li-Ming wombo's.


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