Ranked Revamp Developer AMA: The best bits

Heroes Matt “Polter” Maxwell

Heroes developers have once again taken to Reddit to answer tons of community questions about the upcoming ranked revamp. We’ve saved you some time and compiled the best bits here.

Check out the full Reddit thread here

On Ranks and Tiers

  • Most current rank 1 players will place into Diamond.
  • Placement is capped at Diamond 3.
  • Duo queue restricts you to players with players a full tier above or below. For example, a Gold 3 can queue with anyone from Silver 5 to Platinum 1
  • It’s 1000 points per division, so 1000 points to go from bronze 5 to bronze 4.
  • You can gain or lose about 200 points per game, modified by the difficulty of the match.
  • Once out of placement games, players can queue with others who are 1 overall tier above or below.


On Seasons and MMR

  • Hoping to display MMR in-game, no timeline for it as yet.
  • There is no ranked decay system at this stage.
  • Seasons expected to last 8-12 weeks making decay system feel unnecessary, could adjust in the future based on community feedback.


On the future

  • Swaps are coming to draft modes, no time frame as yet.
  • Overwatch’s “Avoid this player” feature is being added soon.
  • We’re considering not reducing points lost if you have an AI on your team, but increasing points gained if you manage to pull out a win.
  • Discussing the possibility of voice-chat in game; would love to do so.


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