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Heroes United: Amateur HotS tournaments join forces to create new league for players

Photo created by Ben "Try" Ayres-Kerr and Tim "TiMBO" Bor.

An amateur Heroes of the Storm league with weekly tournaments has been announced and is coming in June.

Heroes United is a new league coming to the HotS scene for amateur teams to compete weekly and win prize money, but also to work on stepping up to the pro leagues. Heroes United is a partnering of Divergent Gaming, HeroesHype, Sweet Synergy and RandomCS to make this possible.

To qualify for Heroes United, teams will play in the partnered weekly tournaments to earn 'Heroes United Points'. Then, every seven weeks, eight teams with the most points earned will be invited to brawl it out in the Heroes United tournament. The league is sponsored by Matcherino and each organization has committed $100, bringing the prize pool to $500 for these amateur teams. 

This is a great opportunity for rising stars, seeing as players from pro teams like Gale Force eSportsTNC, and Astral Authority started in the amateur tournaments before they broke into the pro leagues. There will be a lot of new blood in these tournaments, so it's very likely that we'll see some undiscovered talent break through.

As a league formed from amateur tournaments, anyone is eligible to enter (pros aside). Just compete in the tournaments, earn your points, and carve out your own path of glory. The first tournament starts Wednesday, July 13th at 8 p.m. EST, hosted by HeroesHype at twitch.tv/HeroesHype. Then, following Heroes United tournaments will be hosted by the partnering organizations in a rotation.

You can find out more information by visiting them at their website here.

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