Just for fun: 1v1 tournament featuring NA's best

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The top mechanical players from Naventic, Astral Authority, Gale Force eSports, and Panda Global gather together for the ultimate bragging rights tournament. 

An entire night of 1v1 madness. After each round, the winner gets $20. The prize pool is small, but the pride at stake is enormous. Who will take the throne as the best 1v1 player in NA? 

If the funding stretch goal of $400 is met, the winners of each 1 vs. 1 match will enter a draft pool, where two captains will draft teams for a 5v5 All-star match! The $400 will be split amongst the players of the winning All-Star team.

More information can be found on this Reddit thread.


Where: http://www.twitch.tv/jhow4444
When: May 21st
Casters: JHow and Gillyweed
Event info and donations can be made here: https://matcherino.com/b/tournaments/2606


Why not? This event is entirely for fun and inspired by the popularity of the informal 1 vs. 1's that happened a couple weeks ago. 

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More events like these?

Yes! Totally fun.
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Thank you for voting!
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