COGnitive roster breaks from organization

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

The players of COGnitive announced Wednesday they are breaking from their organization and seeking sponsors going into the second North American Summer Regional.

The COGnitive roster consisting of Faye, Glaurung, CauthonLuck, Cattlepillar and Iakona has been a team with the org since around February, which in Heroes esports terms is basically an eternity. Cattlepillar posted on twitter that they would be going into the Burbank regional as "Brain Power" and are actively looking for sponsors.

The team departing from their organization may come as a surprise to some, considering how long they've been together, but as we're already seeing statements from team members there seem to have been ongoing problems with the organization behind closed doors.

The COGnitive roster has qualified for just about every North American event, but has rarely made it past quarterfinals.
Going into the second Summer Regional they were one of the first teams to qualify, taking down Tempo Storm and Panda Global 2-1 back to back.

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Will this change the rosters mindset going into the Summer Regional?

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