Four teams advance from final EU regional, and an old threat returns once more

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Four final teams advance to regionals, but as the first tournament on the latest patch all eyes were on the drafts.

The final EU qualifier for the Summer Regionals wrapped up today, and the last four teams who qualified will soon fight for the chance to represent their region on a global scale. MYinsanity HoTS, Na'Vi, Team Silenced Monkeys, and The Sandwhich Monkeys were the final teams to join the top eight, but that is by no means representative of their skill levels. There's no reason to doubt that mYinsanity will remain a serious threat during regionals, as their plucky underdog spirit almost brought them a 2-1 victory over NA titan Cloud9.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 3 - Best of 3


Round 4 - Best of 3



Best of 3


This was the first tournament since the massive Dehaka patch that brought significant changes to several assassins, so naturally all eyes were on the drafts. Unsurprisingly seeing a good deal of play was the newly reworked Sylvanas. Keeping her base kit and focus on pushing, she remains a very strong pick when a team wants outright lane dominance. It seems that no two players are quite in agreement about her talents, but one thing is clear: she is as viable as ever.

Of course the one thing on everybody's mind after the patch was how well Illidan would perform in a competitive environment. Unfortunately he saw very little, if any, play today. Not because he's bad by any means, in fact he's probably insane. He was banned out almost universally. If there's anything that speaks volumes about a hero's power, it is undoubtedly a near universal ban rate.

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