Blizzard Releases New Details on US Summer Qualifiers

Heroes Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The spring season may have just ended, but teams have just over a week to prepare for the summer qualifiers.

Blizzard entertainment posted that they will be making some slight adjustments to the schedule and format of the NA Summer Qualifiers.

In the span of one week, all eight teams that will be playing in the NA Summer Regional will be determined:

  • Single Elimination Qualifier 1: April 12-13 (2 Teams advance)
  • Single Elimination Qualifier 2: April 16 (2 Teams advance)
  • Single Elimination Qualifier 3: April 17 (4 Teams advance)

These eight teams will all have the opportunity to faceoff at DreamHack All-Stars, taking place May 6-7 in Austin, Texas. Interested teams should keep their eyes out for signups to open shortly.

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Do the US Summer qualifiers feel a bit rushed to you?

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