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Blizzard and GosuGamers have teamed up to provide the ultimate Heroes of the Storm power rankings guide. Keep a look out for this bi-weekly list of who's on top, and who's top.

Power Rankings #1 - Power Rankings #2 

The most recent Heroes Power rankings were just recently published, giving you an insight on the rise and fall of the top teams from the last two weeks.  The Spring Championship is just days away and the top 20 teams on our rankings have all qualified. April can't come soon enough.

The story so far

The EU mainstays Team Liquid continues to slowly rise where as Naventic's recent losses against Team Blaze has put them on the back slide. Their Team Blaze has had the most dramatic climb this week, jumping three places with their strong performance during Enter the Storm NA Cup #2.

The Top 3 teams haven't changed and it will take the Spring Championships and the much-anticipated matches against the likes of MVP Black. eStar, and Cloud9 to accurately assess which teams have significantly improved and which are still missing that key component that makes a top tier team.

More to come

Our Power Rankings will be published every two weeks to give the community an easy way to follow the ebb and flows of competitive Heroes. Our Signature Heroes statistic takes into account organizations all time hero picks and their most winning heroes to catch a snapshot of that teams style. For example, MVP Blacks' pick rate and win rate with both Kael'thas and Uther are too high to ignore and define some of the teams most dominating performances.

Keep an eye out for these kinds stats, as next Power Rankings will include a new category, "current hero picks" to tell a teams month to month story even more accurately.

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