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Heroes Ryan “BoardShorts” Krage

We just got a hint as to who the next hero of the storm will be. Let’s breakdown the teaser and see where it leads. 

What we know

In the picture of Blizzard’s teaser we see a trail of darkened earth littered with 3-toed footprints crossing a lane and disappearing into a bush. Along that path we see what looks like a minion who was just stomped violently into the ground. And lastly, there is a circular patch of ground marking the beginning of this trail.

There’s also a circular patch of ground with footprints leading away; my guess is that his is a visual of new ability; move while burrowed. A movement mechanic like that would need to allow for some counter play and that could be what those footprints are for.

And it makes sense, Heroes has very little "true stealth" and these visual mechanics give defending players fair warning. Nova and Zeratul’s stealth leaves a shimmer, even Falstad and Brightwing’s global movement announces their landing spot, and Lt. Morales’ Medivac notifies both teams when it’s activated. The footprints in the teaser could fall in the same category.

What could this mean?

The 3 toed footprints aren’t human so that narrows it down some. I’d say Dehaka from StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is a likely match. And what about those footprints anyway? They are definitely “something strange” because we haven’t seen this kind of visual yet in the game.

However, Dehaka isn't some shoe in. The tracks also look like they could be Raptor feet, which hints at a Warcraft Troll character. Perhap's Vol'jin the Shadow Hunter? It's a possibility, but like most hero teases, we can't truly know until the hints become more obvious.

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Will the next hero of the storm be Dehaka?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Michael "dreadnought" Jones ,
    I surely hope its not Dehaka, he is the opposite of Abathur in terms of awesomeness


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