Gust or Bust is put to the test in Group B of Enter the Storm

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Group B in Enter the Storm is the most competitive group of them all. A group filled with 3 teams that qualified for the North American regionals were left to battle it out for two spots for the ETS playoffs. 

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The second set of the day consisted of Team Blaze's new roster and the up and coming Gust or Bust (formally King of Blades Alpha). Perfectly winnable games for either team, it's easy to say Gust could come out on top against the new Blaze roster since it's their first tournament play together. Blaze took a commanding game one on Battlefield of Eternity with great rotations and great Zagara play by Blaze's bigempct.

Game two Gust or Bust decided to bring out all the cards and come up with this draft attempting to pull a fast one on Blaze

Blaze struggled all game with their solo support Tassadar and all the damage output from Gust or Bust. However, Gust made a bad call going for core prematurely and suffered a team wipe because of it. Blaze was able to end the game shortly thereafter, taking the series 2-0.

Team Blaze showed that they could adapt and play against an inconventional draft with this new roster. Give them an entire week to prepare and they will be a team to watch in next weeks playoffs. 

Team Nom was able to put up a fight against Gust or Bust in the elimination series bringing it to a game 3, hoping to take advantage of a fatigued Gust who had already played 6 games straight. But this proved not to be the case as Gust finished strong and advances to the Playoffs along with Team Blaze.

Group C will be tomorrow consisting of Tempo Storm, Team ovo and Gale Force esports. You can watch these at 10am PST over at Twitch.tv/khaldor

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Which team has more of a chance to go far in the playoffs.

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