Team Dignitas dominates EU Spring Regional

Heroes Matt “Snufalufugus” Trovalli

After a weekend full of upsets, Team Dignitas won the Heroes Katowice Championship, securing a spot in Korea for the Spring Championship.​

In a dominating fashion Team Dignitas proved to be the best European team at Katowice this weekend, winning $25,000 and advancing to the main event with some of the best teams from around the world in Seoul, South Korea on April 1. mYinsanity placed second and will also be representing Europe in South Korea.

Team Dignitas and mYinsanity both came out on top of Group A, where mYi had beaten Dig. After being sent to the losers bracket, Dig swept the floor, winning 2-0 over Na'Vi, 2-0 over Fnatic and 3-0 over mYi in the grand finale to win it all. mYi won a very intense 2-1 set over Virtus.Pro in the semifinals, securing them a spot against Dig.

Dig qualified in the second qualifier, after losing to Na'Vi in the first. This didn't stop them from coming back and upsetting some of the best European teams this weekend.

mYinsanity's not out yet, they've got a chance to come back in Korea to be crowned one of the best teams in the world.

There's an opportunity to be crowned the best team in the world and a prize pool of $500,000 on the line at the Spring Championship in South Korea on April 1-3.

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  • Felix "Deathpact" Beaudouin ,
    The cup itself is too cheap ! And they didn't even remove the price tag under it... it's a shame.


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