Cloud9 crowned champions of NA Spring Regional

Heroes Matt “Snufalufugus” Trovalli

After an extremely competitive weekend in Los Angeles, Cloud9 reclaimed their spot as the number one team in North America.

Over 30,000 people watched the NA Spring Regional where Cloud9 beat Naventic in an exciting 3-1 series winning not only $25,000 but claiming their spot as the best team in the country. Naventic was able to beat Cloud9 in game number two of the series but it wasn't enough to stop their rival. Both Naventic and Cloud9 will be advancing to the Spring Championship in Seoul, South Korea to represent the American HotS scene. 

Naventic and Cloud9 dominated their groups and came out on top after the group stage. Tempo Storm and COGnitive also showed up playing their best, coming out as second in their respective groups, but it just wasn't good enough to beat either of the two NA giants. Cloud9 was playing their absolute best and it payed off in the end.

The last time Cloud9 and Naventic met was at Heroes Rising in January where Naventic took home the crown over Cloud9. However this weekend Cloud9 was out for revenge and they were playing like the world champions they are. 

Both of the teams will meet again in Korea in early April alongside the best Hereos of the Storm teams in the world, competing for a $500,000 prize pool and to be crowned the best team in the world.

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Matt “Snufalufugus” Trovalli
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