Australia and New Zealand have found their champion!

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For the past year, Australia and New Zealand have had strong, noticable players making waves on the NA Hero League ladder. Now it's time for our teams to start making an impact on the international scene. 

The Australia and New Zealand Heroes of the Storm scene has spent about a month looking for one team to represent the region at the Global Spring Championship. After two gruelling qualifiers it was narrowed down to four teams: Negative Synergy, Override, Micro Gods, and Fresh.

The first matchups for the finals were Negative Synergy vs Override and Micro Gods vs Fresh, with NS and Fresh coming out on top. In the next set of matches, NS would drop Fresh into the lower bracket to face off against Micro Gods who were able to send Override home early. From there Fresh dispatched Micro Gods with a convincing 2-0 to set up a rematch with Negative Synergy in the Grand Final.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


NS was looking to continue their dominant form throughout the tournament, but Fresh insisted on taking a stand, earning early advantages throughout the first game on Dragon Shire. After a mistake from Fresh, it looked like NS had turned it around, but an ambitious attempt at a core push with the Dragon Knight ended in tears. Fresh turned the fight in their favor, taking out the NS core in return.

It looked like there was finally a team able to stand up to Negative Synergy, but it seemed the first game mishap was a bit of an anomaly. NS cleaned up rest of the set versus Fresh with little to no problem, taking the title and the $8k USD.

Negative Synergy have shown dominance in the scene for the past month. The win here confirms the belief within the scene that they are the best team in the ANZ region and a worthy representative for the Global Finals.

If you would like to rewatch the games, see what the ANZ meta is all about, you can find the archive for the qualifiers and also other ANZ-based events over at http://www.twitch.tv/anzheroestv.

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