Dignitas signs Wubby and Mene just in time for Katowice Spring Regional

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

Dignitas announced on their website Tuesday that they would be signing Mene and Wubby, filling the vacancies left behind by scHwimpi and Atheroangel.

Dig advanced to the Katowice Spring Regional, with the help of Wubby, after taking down Na’Vi 2-1 in the second qualifier. Coincidentally Na'Vi is who they actually lost to in the first qualifier.

Wubby played briefly with Fnatic, and was a long-term sub for myInsanity for a time period.
Mene also had a brief stint with Fnatic, but has been with Na’Vi for some time now even playing with them in the first and second qualifier and the Enter the Storm playoff group stages.

The post on Dignitas' website states that
Mene will join Snitch playing mainly assassins while Wubby takes over the flex role as well as the primary shotcalling in-game.

Both have obviously been trying out with the team for some time now. Will this change be enough to take them to the top at Katowice? We’ll have to wait until March to find out.

One thing is for sure, European rosters are absolutely locked for the Katowice qualifiers so there will be no more changes at least until they are done! The European roster rollercoster is at a hault...at least until March.

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Will these changes help Dignitas win Spring Regional in Katowice?

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