Balance updates incoming: What we hope

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

Heroes of the Storm Community Manager, Spyrian announced Wednesday’s balance update would include adjustments to Hero abilities and talents.

While it will obviously be a minor patch, here are some changes we hope will be coming:

Li-Ming has been out for around two weeks now and has had some minor competitive play but already shows a large amount of promise. It’s possible she could be getting an adjustment to her lvl 4 talent, “Ess of Johan” which we’ve already seen can cause some major damage if combined with Magic Missiles.

Stitches wants to play, and since the increase of his Slam damage we’ve started to see him a lot more lately. After the Li-Ming patch we’ve also discovered some glitches concerning Hook, which will most likely get fixed.

Hero winrates since the February 10th balance patch

Since Tyrande and the stun meta has been flopped around, Brightwing buffs could be incoming as well. We already saw some major changes to Rehgar talents, could be applied to Brightwing as well to bring open the support pool out more.

Hopefully we’ll see more changes to Nova as well. After her re-work it seems like players have wanted to stay completely away from her, so she might be receiving some minor adjustments to make her more appealing again.

Wednesday’s patch will be released at 11:30 a.m. PST in the Americas Region.

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Li-Ming nerfs! She's too strong
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