Na'Vi on top after first day of EU ETS

Heroes Matt “Snufalufugus” Trovalli

After three rounds of Enter the Storm Cup #4 Na'Vi is in front, but it's not over yet.

The first three rounds of EU Enter the Storm Cup #4 took place on Monday and Na'Vi has made their mark on the tournament. They've already guaranteed themselves a spot in the winners bracket finale, but they have some tough competition to win it all. 

In round one, Na'Vi beat Bubble Squad 2-0, sending Bubble to the losers bracket. In another match, The Sandwich Monkey beat GIZ 2-0 to advance and play Na'Vi. TSaM was able to take a game off Na'Vi, but they couldn't seal the deal by winning another. Li-Ming saw competitive play in game one of the Na'Vi-TSaM series, but was banned in almost every other game today. 

Even though TSaM lost to Na'Vi in round two, they're still not out. Teams that lose once will have a chance at redemption in the losers bracket series on Saturday, February 20th.

Theres still many games to be played - only half of the teams played today. Day two kicks off on Wednesday, February 17th with Team Liquid vs. Virtus.Pro and Fnatic vs. TCM. The all out winner of the day will go on to play Na'Vi in the winners bracket finale on the final day, Sunday, Februrary 21st.

Watch the second half of the teams face off on Wednesday, and tune in to see who takes the glory this weekend.

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