Korean Super League 2016: MVP Black, Team No Limit, Danawa Joker and more fight for $200,000

Heroes Arief “NeyJr” Zul

Eight of Korea's best teams will come head to head in the upcoming Super League

Korea will begin 2016 with a fierce competition of their own: the Super League. It will boast some of Korea's top teams, including the fearsome MVP Black, the current #1 ranked team in the world. We will see some other familiar teams like Danawa Joker and Team No Limit (TNL), which comprises of players from the now disbanded Team DK. Apart from that, we will see just how fierce the Korean meta really is when we see how the lesser known teams play. 

The Super League will begin its first season with an overall prize pool of $200,000! There are a total of eight teams participating with two groups, A & B, comprising of four teams in each. At a glance, it would appear that group B was the group to not be in, due to the presence of MVP Black. However, we will never know what to expect. Of course, it is expected that MVP Black will dominate, but you'll have to tune in yourself to see that. 

As most of the tournaments are in the Asian region, the matches will be a best of five, with the grand-final being a best of seven. The top two teams will be admitted into the Spring Championships. This basically gives all the teams a massive incentive to perform as best as possible, in order to qualify for the Spring Championships.

The event and match dates are yet to be announced, but once they are, you can be sure to catch the matches yourself on Twitch.

The matches will be streamed on OGNGlobal & OGN.

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Arief “NeyJr” Zul
Love seeing the growth of the Heroes e-sports scene. I'm hoping to contribute as much as i can both to the scene as a whole and my local scene. I think a Jaina quote would be appropriate, "I'm here to help!"


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