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Team Liquid just announced that two of their members, the Duran brothers (VortiX and LucifroN) will be moving on from competitive Heroes of the Storm. 

The Duran brothers, VortiX and LucifroN, have decided to leave Team Liquid and move on from the competitive Heroes of the Storm scene; VortiX will be moving to StarCraft 2 and LucifroN has decided to finish his bachelor's.

The brothers joined Team Liquid together back in March of 2015, and had a large amount of success with the team. Team Liquid placed first in eight tournaments during the nine months the brothers were on the team, and most recently placed second at DreamHack All-Stars - 2015 Winter Clash in Sweden last November. 

VortiX will be making his return to StarCraft 2 representing Team Liquid, a decision he's been leaning towards for a while.

"Watching SC2's DreamHack: Winter tournament made my whole perspective towards the game change."  - VortiX

"Watching SC2's DreamHack: Winter tournament made my whole perspective towards the game change," he said. "My desire to go back to SC2 slowly kept growing, and after WCA I made the decision to switch back."

While VortiX plans to take over the StarCraft 2 competitive scene, LucifroN had a very different reason for retiring from Heroes of the Storm. 

"I want to finish my bachelor's degree this year, so playing a team-based game could be tricky in terms of scheduling scrims, attending tournaments, etc," he said. "I'll focus on finishing my bachelor's degree and play some SC2. I still don't know whether I'll try to go pro again while studying or if it will just be for fun."

Team liquid has said that they are in the process of trying out new players for the Heroes of the Storm team and that they're still trying to solidify who will replace the Duran brothers.

Source: Team Liquid

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