Nexus Newbies returns! Submit your replays to be critiqued

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GosuGamer's original education series is back, and we need your replays to get started. All skill levels are welcome, with a preference towards new players looking to learn.

First of all, If you aren't familiar with the series, check it out here. The last episode was about decision making when playing as Kerrigan and you can find links to the other episodes there too.? We released 6 episodes in total, pouring over every detail of our replay submitters gameplay, revealing bad habits and room for improvements. The videos were well received and we had a great time making them.

However, due to some tech difficulties with our recording set up that made us lose several recorded episodes and myself moving into a new home, our production pace slowed down. On top of that, Blizzard started releasing patches at a faster interval, meaning all of our submitted replays from the previous patch became unviewable. Things were slowed down even more and, before you knew it, Nexus Newbies episode #7 seemed indefinitely delayed.

It was unfortunate timing all around, but I'm happy to report that all tech issues have been resolved and Nexus Newbies is back online! All we need now is a new batch of reader submitted replays to critique!

To submit your replay, follow these instructions:

1. E-mail [email protected] with the subject line that includes the hero you are playing, your battletag, and the words "Nexus Newbies replay submission"

Example subject line: Artanis, Dorazion, Nexus Newbies replay submission.

2. In the e-mail, include why you submitted this particular replay and, if known, some specific problems you think you are having with your game. What questions do you want specifically answered?

3. Attach the replay file in the e-mail or provide some other to download it.

Keep in mind that Nexus Newbies is about teaching fundamentals and going over even the most basic of Heroes lessons. No skill level is too low or too novice: If it is newbie, I want to watch it! 

I look forward to to watching the submissions and thank you for everyone who has written to me requesting the series to come back.

Dorazion has been playing Heroes since the earliest stage of the Alpha, going all the way back to the games first public appearance at BlizzCon. His work in eSports exposes them to countless professional matches across all regions, and, as rank 1 players hovering around the 3300 MMR, helping out newer players without a firm grasp on optimal play behavior is exactly how he would like to spend his time.


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