Rumors confirmed: Cloud9 parts with Fan signs Arthelon

Heroes Matthew “GLPhoenix” Hunter

Arthelon confirmed to be a part of the Cloud9 roster going forward as they part ways with Fan. 

In the statement made by Cloud9, a position on the team opened up for Arthelon as Fan and the organization decided to part ways. Arthelon had said that he and KingCaffeine had been friends for quite some time and that he was ecstatic when he was mentioned as a possible addition to the team.

Prior to the decision, it seemed that Fan had express his concerns regarding his mentality and that of the rest of the team towards the game.

At this time there is no news as to where Fan will be going or what he will be doing, but Cloud9 wishes him the best for the future. You can read the rest of Cloud9's announcement here.

The first big test for the new Cloud9 lineup will be in January with the crowd-funded Heroes Rising tournament. This will be somewhat of a preparation for the Gold Series Hero League Grand Finals in China just one week later.

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Do you think that Arthelon's addition will be enough for Cloud9 to win the Gold Series Finals?

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  • Eliad "BigFatEli" Sholomovich ,
    I believe they will be attending the crowd funded Heroes Rising on 9-10 January first. They'll be against the best of NA there, it'll be a good test to stretch their "limbs" so to say and see how they synergize at LANs before GHL 2 Playoffs.


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