compLexity announces official departure of Heroes of the Storm team.

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compLexity hasn't competed in a tournament since the WCA Americas Open Qualifier in November where they actually placed first gaining a bid to the WCA main event.


coL chose not to participate in WCA which prompted rumors of possible disbanding.


The statement reads in part:


"Following the conclusion of the 2015 Heroes World Championship, individual players have lost motivation, and are now looking to pursue other endeavors."
"As the year drew to a close the team was lacking the drive that is necessary to produce championships. After lengthy discussions we agreed with the team that it was best to part ways and wish them the best of luck in this game, or the next."
-compLexity General Manager Kyle Bautista



The largest international tournament has already ended (Blizzcon), the second largest is about to come to a close (World Cyber Arena), and it's also almost the end of the year which typically brings on many roster changes for major organizations. It's safe to say because of compLexity's previous victories, players shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a new team if they chose to continue their career.


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Will compLexity eventually reform?

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