Community Spotlight: Analytical look at Nydus Network and it's uses.

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

artwork by exphrasis

PhantomV13-2 really enjoys Nydus Network and wants to see it picked more. Devouring Maw is a great heroic, but is it really so good that it is chosen nearly every Zagara game? This video doesn't think so and argues for the utility and game winning potential that Nydus Network can provide.

The decision to help the team or split push with Nydus Network is brought to question and, in many cases, a split pushing Zagara talented to deal max damage to structures and push lanes with Infest can outright win the game on her own. This won't happen every time, but the risk is always there for your opponent.

Phantomv13-2 loves Nydus Network and offers a practical way of understanding it's uses. The heroic has it's drawbacks, but players don't often consider it's game winning strengths. Infested Catapults alone are a terrifying late game threat that Zagara can apply to enemy structures, but Nydus Network really takes it to another level.

If you liked the music in the video, you can check out PhantomV13-2's other mixes here. The channel has a cool collection of Blizzard themed mixes that, if you are a Heroes player, will surely enjoy,

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