Fnatic takes Dreamhack Winter 3-1 in closest game to date

Heroes Jacob “ManMode” Godfrey

In one of the closest final games to date, Fnatic beats Team Liquid 3-1 winning Dreamhack Winter 2015.

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The hype was almost too much for the casters to handle in the final game of Dreamhack Winter 2015. With the final core health being 6% for Fnatic and 0% for Team Liquid, it was one of the closest games in Heroes of the Storm history. In an event filled with close calls and base races, this final game definitely stands out as the most intense moment between Europe's best.

If you haven't seen the games you can find all of them on our vods section. I'll also leave a stream of the finals down below so you can check them out. I highly recommend watching them. Even with knowing the outcome, seeing how the game went down in the last moments and hearing the excitement of the casters is not something that translates from just seeing a score.

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