Community spotlight: 2ARC & ESL Admins assemble chat server for aspiring players and teams

Heroes Conrad “conicsonic5” Buys

Looking for a place to chat with fellow competitive hopefuls? The new competitive HotS “Discord” chatroom is for you, with managers, free agents, pro players, admins, and content creators all logging in to chat regularly.

“Where can I go to chat about competitive Heroes?” This is a question I see all the time, whether it be on different forums, in game, or through PMs. Previously, the options available were pretty spotty – with the best being a “free agent Skype chat” that was utilized by a portion of the community. However, publicity was scarce. Hell, I didn’t even know about it until recently, and I’ve been in the scene for a while.

Look no further, however! ESL Admins Sophist and Squishei, 2ARC manager iKhoN, and 2ARC player Insomnia have worked to put together and manage a new area for competitive Heroes chat. Using the website Discord, they have set up a great place for all facets of the Heroes community. Want to look for other teams to scrim with? Check. Looking for new people to play with? Check. Want to talk to members of the Heroes media? Check! The options seem endless.

So, why Discord?

The thing that separates Discord from other chat servers is its use of both chatrooms and voice rooms. Kind of an IRC-Teamspeak hybrid, this allows people to have multiple options in how they want to communicate with people, as well as a plethora of rooms for different discussions.

Srey, North Americas #1 ranked player on the pre-season leaderboards, has also praised the chatroom, saying “This app has my approval. It's basically an improved Skype group chat. If you're currently a competitive player or are aspiring to be one, this is a must.”1

If you haven’t already signed up for this server, and want to give it a go, here is the info. I’ll be on there a lot as well! Feel free to PM me (Conic | GosuGamers) on the server if you’d like to chat, and give a shout to any of the admins if you have any questions. Thanks a bunch to all those who helped set this up!

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1: Source


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  • Michael "dreadnought" Jones ,
    I hope it wont be like SEL and die off, its pretty neat.
    • Conrad "conicsonic5" Buys ,
      Absolutely! Don't worry, the admins on the page are very good about publicity. Should go strong for a while.


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