Team Liquid drops FalcoN, GranPkt, Blackscorp. Picks up Lowell

Heroes Robbert “Broeder” Troost

In what will surely be one of many roster changes in the competitive scene, Team Liquid have announced their plans for the future of the team.

Team Liquid has been one of the premier teams in Europe ever since picking up El NeXo. For a long time, it was guaranteed that TL would win all the events they participated in. But then things changed, teams like Natus Vincere and Bob Question Mark (now Dignitas) surfaced and used Team Liquid as a springboard to become even better. Bob Question Mark even stated beating Team Liquid as the purpose of their forming.

After a disappointing performance at the Prague European Championship, where Team Liquid did not qualify for the World Championship that is happening in only a few days, signs started to surface indicating that Team Liquid would be heading in a new direction. Players like Blackscorp and GranPkt were spotted trialing for different teams, and it seems that now both as well as FalcoN have left Team Liquid. In a statement on the TeamLiquidPro site, Team Liquid founder Nazgul shares the following:

"With BlizzCon right around the corner, we have a bit of Heroes news to share as well. Our Heroes lineup was responsible for so much success during the first half of 2015, but we lost some of our lustrous form leading up to the qualifiers. Unfortunately, the team did not manage to overcome the stacked Road to BlizzCon, and we have decided that some changes were necessary. We sat down with the team and came to the conclusion that we would like to start rebuilding with the core of VortiX and LucifroN.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to FalcoN, GranPkt and Blackscorp for playing their hearts out on the way to numerous major championships with Team Liquid. They were an absolute pleasures to work with and it saddens me that this was not meant to last. I and the rest of the staff and organization wish you all the best and hope that they find a new place to call home.

We also have a short update for the fans regarding our rebuilding project. After lots of scouting by the Duran brothers, we have enlisted Lowell from Fnatic as our initial recruit. It is the first step towards new and bigger championships, and we would like to give him a warm welcome to the team. We'd like to thank Fnatic for working with us to make Lowell's transition to Liquid clean.

Thanks for sticking by us,


As stated, Team Liquid is going to rebuild the team from the core of the spanish brothers VortiX and LucifroN. First addition is going to be Lowell, who up until now played and captained Fnatic's Heroes of the Storm roster.

With GranPkt currently playing together with ROCCAT, and Blackscorp might be joining Fnatic, we will still be able to enjoy at least these players in the scene for a while to come.

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  • Bear "TheBearEmperor" God ,
    to me it seems like they needed a coach/ analyst instead of a roster change


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