Enter the Storm returns with Cup #2

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The prizes are bigger and the competition will fiercer in the second entry of the Enter the Storm Tournament series. Registrations for the first two qualifiers are already open.

After the success of the first Enter the Storm Cup, GosuGamers is proud to announce Enter the Storm Cup #2! Thanks to our sponsors at Alienware and Roccat, the prize pool continues to grow in unison with the level of competition:

Enter the Storm Cup #2 - $5000 + 5 Alienware X51's

  • 12 qualifiers will take place through April 25th to May 31st, resulting in 12 winning teams.
  • These 12 will be joined by the four qualifying teams of Cup #1(Liquid Heroes, Gamers2, Na'Vi and Stigma!)
  • All together, 16 teams will compete for prizes and a spot in Cup #3


You can find more information at our main tournament portal heroes.gosucup.com. As always, there you will be able to find the full ruleset and tournament information, as well as news coverage, VODs and replays.

Registrations open today already for the first two qualifiers, surely no team wants to miss the opportunity to play. The qualifiers themselves take place every Saturday and every Sunday, one per day. 12 seperate qualifiers means 12 more chances for your team to make it's mark in competitive Heroes, and 5 new gaming PCs plus $5000 dollars in prizes is makes for good motivation. 

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