The first Heroes of the Storm league starts next week. Follow it on GosuGamers

Heroes Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The ESV Champions League - a month-long Heroes of the Storm tournament with the top teams in North America - is ready to start this coming Tuesday. And we're ready to cover the first steps of the competitive scene on our matchticker, coverage hub and VOD databases.

Organized by ESV's Diamond, the ESV Champions League brings together eight North American teams and throws them into two quadruple round robin groups for some long weeks of competition. Following the group stage, the best two teams of each group will move on to an elimination bracket to crown the first champion of the league. 

The league promises to provide insight on the competitive side of Heroes of the Storm, a game still in alpha, making its first steps into eSports. The teams themselves are those occupying the highest MMR peaks in the game and are comprised of popular Heroes streamers and eSports figures from different games.

One particular roster eSports fans of old will find interesting is Team Snowflake. Led by former StarCraft 2 pro Jacob "LzGamer" Winstead (previously from Evil Geniuses), the team also boasts the vocal persona of none other than Greg "Idra" Fields, one of the most controversial and popular figures in eSports.

Some of league's other teams include Team dISSENt, led by Jexia and containing the community figure and streamer DunkTrain; ESV's own two teams - Tempest and Wildfire - also comprised of high MMR players like Pickles, Wargreymon, Sneaks and Pithix; as well as team Glorious! Gaming, led by the top Heroes streamer ZPs and another face from the StarCraft 2 past, CauthonLuck.

The tournament itself will being on August 26th at 00:00 CET with the first six matches. All relevant information about the ESV Champions League will be collected in our coverage hub. This will include schedule of upcoming matches, list of results, news, articles, standings, VODs and link to replays - basically all you need to do about the tournament in one convenient place. 


Day 1 matches, August 26th, 00:00 CET

1. Snowflake vs Glorious!
2. Symbiote vs Excelsior
3. Wildfire vs dISSENt
4. Clairvoyance vs Tempest
5. Snowflake vs Wildfire
6. Symbiote vs Clairvoyance

Day 2 matches, August 28th, 00:00 CET

1. dISSENt vs Glorious!
2. Tempest vs Excelsior
3. Snowflake vs dISSENt
4. Symbiote vs Tempest
5. Glorious! vs Wildfire
6. Excelsior vs Clairvoyance


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