Team Composition Breakdown: Fnatic's Global Domination

Heroes Caleb “PanDuhChuu” Jones

This comp was drafted specifically to be strong on Sky Temple and does a great job maximizing the potential of the map.

Here is the game if you want to check it out:

Innate Hero Synergy

This team has some great innate synergies, including:

  • Falstad can help Brightwing get around the map with his mount followed by her mount.

  • Muradin and Tyrael are both great at initiating fights 

  • The ganking potential is insane because Muradin and Tyrael both have gap closers, and Falstad and Brightwing can both use their mount abilities to fly in and assist. 

  • All of the members have the potential for a gap close or escape.

  • The disengage potential is through the roof if the right heroics are chosen. Mighty Gust, Emerald Wind, Sanctification, Wave of Force, and even Haymaker (even though we know it won’t be picked).

The built in synergy is there and it is strong, but is the team strong on Sky Temple?

Picking according to the map

This team was basically made for this map. Here are the reasons why:


Being mobile is important on this map. The objectives are spread out and having the ability to rotate between them is critical.

  • This composition has double globals which are excellent on a large map that has spread out objectives.

  • Every member either has a gap closer/escape in their base kit or has the potential for one in their heroic choice (Brightwing).


Sustain is a major asset on this map. Temple fights can be long and can come down to poke wars many times. Being able to heal yourself takes a large burden off the healer and can be the difference between life and death.

  • All of the members have either innate sustain in their kit or the option to talent for their own sustain

  • Brightwing heals all the members passively without using mana which can be a major asset in drawn out temple fights.


Poke is the counterpart and is good on stationary objectives so that you can force an enemy team to back off without engaging in a full on team fight.

  • Li-Ming is one of the best poke heroes in the game, second only to Chromie.

  • Falstad has great poke with his Hammerang, especially if the BOOMerang talent is taken.

  • Brightwing does decent poke damage with Arcane Flare.

Zone Control

Zoning is important for the same reason poke is. It allows you to control the temple area and keep the enemy team off of it.

  • Tyrael with Sanctification is excellent at zoning because enemies cannot fight in the area he places it.

  • Muradin with Avatar is just a massive body to jump on the enemy team to try to force them off.

  • Li-Ming with Disintegrate does so much damage that the enemy team is either forced to back away or jump on her (Usually back away).

  • Falstad can push enemies out of a particular area with Mighty Gust.

  • Brightwing provides even more zone control if she decides to take Emerald Wind.

Like I said in the beginning, this composition was basically made for Sky Temple.

Playing the Composition

Executing this composition comes down to decision making. You have the ability to soak extra lanes with this comp, the ability to engage in team fights, and the ability to dictate the pace of the game with globals. It all comes down to picking the right fights, creating experience advantages with globals, and making smart rotations. This composition can be incredibly powerful on this map and can win in a variety of ways.

Win Conditions

This team has a few win conditions:

  • Creating picks and winning fights off of them. This team is great at ganking. A numbers advantage can be quickly created by finding a member, catching them, and rotating the two global heroes in to finish them off.

  • Winning the poke war and taking temples. I mentioned above that they have solid sustain, good poke, and great zoning tools. This combination can allow you to force the opposing teams off of temples with ease so that you can take all the shots.

  • Out rotating the enemy team. Many times a game on Sky Temple comes down to which team made smarter rotations. Sometimes structures can be killed by quickly rotating all of your members to an unsuspecting lane. Also, the backdoor potential is high, so if you find yourself in a situation where the core doesn’t have much health left, go for the big, unexpected play and win the game.


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