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Our Heroic duo's series is part of our ongoing mission to bring the most competitive aspects of Heroes of the Storm to the masses. We produce these guides, in partnership with Blizzard, to highlights the most impactful two-man hero pairings in order to up your Hero League draft strategy. Find a friend or team up with a fellow solo queuer and try out one of these battle-tested duos.

Their synergies and strategies are explained at length, complete with talent suggestions and video clips showcasing the duo at their strongest. Don't forget to read up on their potential counters as well, just in case you find squaring off against these duos instead of playing them.

Be on the look out for more of these guides posted on Blizzard's official Heroes of the Storm eSports portal:

Xul and Li-Ming


  • Strong wave clear
  • Single target burst damge
  • AoE Team fight domination
  • Weak to multiple support heroes

"“Xul has the perfect crowd control ability to set up Li-Ming's massive, skill-shot oriented burst. The pair also work well as a draft denial from your opponents; taking away the Xul that is so effective at soaking Li-Ming's damage through the use of summoned minions and his Skeletal Mages storm talent."

Zeratul and Abathur

  • Early game gank potential
  • Map control and vision superiority
  • Explosive level 10 heroic power spike
  • Can't play from behind

"Abathur enables the best of Zeratul; slowing mines at level 7 and global Symbiote support allow for easy pick offs during early and mid-game rotations. Late game, Zeratul and Abathur turn the tide of a team fight by trapping the enemy support hero in Void Prison and blowing up fragile heroes with double-Zeratul"

Muradin and Tyrande

  • Universal heroes that can fit any draft
  • Single target stun lock synergy
  • Roaming gank potential
  • Vulnerable to counter engage

"Muradin is a formidable warrior on his own, but he’s a much more frightening prospect for opponents when he has Tyrande in support. Combine his Storm Bolt with her Lunar Flare to keep an enemy stunned for a few seconds, apply Hunter’s Mark for good measure, and your target is in all kinds of trouble."

Tyrael and Greymane


  • Explosive dive potential
  • Resistant to counter engage
  • Safe poke damage
  • Weak to burst damage negation like Medivh and Uther.

"Tyrael’s impactful heroic abilities have always made him valuable, and either of them work well when teaming with Greymane. With Judgment, Tyrael can effectively mark an enemy hero for death and set up Greymane for a Dark Flight / Go for the Throat one-two punch. Sanctification, on the other hand, allows Greymane to lunge at enemies with impunity; the two heroes simply leap onto the same target using Dark Flight and Eldruin’s Might, negating the enemy’s counter offense with their AoE invulnerability."

E.T.C and Kael'Thas

  • Devastating AoE stun potential
  • Sets the pace of a team fight
  • Can kill groups of heroes quickly
  • Vulnerable to counter engage and smart positioning

"Kael’thas and E.T.C. bring both single-target ganking potential and massive AoE damage to any lineup. In the early stages of the game they can clear minion waves very quickly, which affords them time to roam lanes and hunt enemy heroes with a stunning Powerslide into Gravity Lapse combo."

Illidan and Rehgar

  • Snowball potential can run away with games
  • Versatile PvE potential specific battleground
  • Can salvage a messy draft with a "protect the Illidan" composition
  • Has a hard time playing from behind.

"What makes this duo so dangerous is its persistence and snowball potential. When Illidan and Rehgar focus on a single target, the enemy is forced to either retreat or counter-engage. The latter plays right into the duo’s hands, because Rehgar’s heals, working in tandem with abilities like Evasion and Metamorphosis, ensure that the enemy will find themselves in trouble long before Illidan does."

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