How to survive the Kael'Thas, Tyrande, and Raynor meta

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Lately, the first and second picks of any high ranked Hero League have started to look the same:

"Any time you're ready!"

"I heed the voice of Elune."

"Selama, Ashal’anore!"

It's no secret, these heroes are currently dominating in a meta controlled by burst damage and quick team battles that end in seconds. Here are a few tips on how to deal with the glass cannons currently ruining your MMR:


1. Any pressure on Raynor during a team fight is good pressure. Never let him freely auto attack or suffer the consequences of everyone being dead. If a Raynor chose "Seasoned Marksman" at level 1 over "Give me More", he is even more vulnerable.

2. Stuns and burst damage is the most reliable way to kill Raynor due to his lack of escape and Adrenaline Rush passive. Try and Stun Raynor while he is around 40 percent HP to stop Adrenaline Rush from activating, giving you the chance to burst him down!

3. At level 7 Raynor gets Revolution overdrive. This means he will be fast enough to auto attack a fleeing target consistently. Don't let him isolate a squishy target during a skirmish with this ability- always be trying to disrupt his auto attacks.

4. Raynor excels at objectives that require a lot of single target damage and he will often peel to attack the Garden Terror / Immortal / Boss / etc etc. Use this as an opportunity to catch him out of position as he travels to these locations. Raynor needs a full team to be most effective so these moments are vital to killing him.

5. Raynor + Lt.Morales is a common Hero League combo. Before engaging, assess if your team has enough burst to kill Raynor through medic quality heals. If not, target Lt.Morales first and never, ever let a Stim Drone Raynor auto attack freely.


1. If a Kael'Thas goes Mana addict as a first talent take advantage of his lack of self sustain. Find a hero on your team that can poke him for free damage and defeat him in lane.

2. If a Kael'thas goes Gathering Power, keep track of of his player name ever becomes on fire. This means he is on a killing spree and has significant stacks. Make him priority target 1; nothing is scarier than Kael'Thas with Gathering Power stacks.

3. Before Kael'Thas hits 16 he is very squishy. However, at 16 he gains Arcane Barrier which should not be underestimated. The best strategy is to bait it's usage and, whenever Kael'thas uses it, switch targets immediately. After it drops, Kael'Thas is just as weak and squishy again.

4. This is obvious and everyone knows it- avoid clumping together once Kael'Thas hits level 13. You can't control your teammates, but just one player who is consciously aware of a Chain bomb spreading can seriously negate tons of Kael'Thas damage by moving out of the way. Always strive to be that player.

5. Kael'Thas has long cool downs on his abilities. If you see a Kael'Thas miss or otherwise cast a bunch of spells without killing anyone NOW is the time to engage. You have an 8-10 second window of Kael'thas stuck throwing tiny auto attacks.


1. Tyrande is weakest by her self and needs an ally to set up her stun reliably. Be wary of early game gank attempts that will help the Tyrande team get ahead early. If Tyrande is ever alone she is at her most vulnerable and your lanes are the most safe.

2. With no escape tool, she is soft to pressure from stick Warriors and other heroes with stuns. Punish a Tyrande who is tunnel visioning on a target or is obviously waiting for her allies to set up her burst damage. Similar to Raynor, a Tyrande that has to run away is much less effective

3. While owl is a great tool for tracking the enemy, it also reveals the general location of Tyrande! Use this to your advantage for free scouting information.

4. While her heals have been buffed, she still can’t reliably heal an entire team. Try drafting a poke style composition with tons of free damage if the enemy is trying to solo support as Tyrande.

5. As a support player, save everything you have for when Tyrande hits with a stun. The entire team will collapse on that target and they are probably afflicted with Hunters Mark as well.

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What's the best way to counter these heroes?

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Grind it out with sustain healing and poke composition. Avoid the burst!
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