Falstad's incredible talent diversity

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Let's talk Falstad:

The stats above were pulled from EU Enter the Storm Cup #4 s and represent the most the current meta. These 10 heroes were banned or picked the most and, as you can see, Falstad shares the top spot in a 5-way tie. Once upon an Alpha time, Falstad was a top tier picked known for his incredible burst damage. Now a day, he has found his way back into tournament team compositions, but for a different reason; his flexibility and utility

Falstad is unique in the amount of utility he brings to any team composition. His alternate mount, Flight, allows for safe split pushing, soaking, and objective control while still bringing a ranged assassin with sustained DPS to your team. Falstad has viable talent builds that either enhance his auto-attack damage, ability power, or a even mix of both.  If your team has enough damage, Falstad can transition into a high mobility build allowing for easy flanks and team fight winning Mighty Gusts. 
Here are some talent builds and the situations they should be used in:

When you're public enemy #1

Updraft, Flow Rider, and Aerie Gusts all synergies to allow Falstad unprecedented mobility and kiting potential. Against multiple melee Heroes, these talents are allow Falstad to play aggressively and get in tons of free damage with multiple escapes at his disposable. Mighty Gust and First Aid are chosen for even more protection and Nexus Frenzy makes up for the lack of damage talents chosen.

Absolute Greed

Falstad does his best Kael'thas impression and Hammerang becomes a powerful poking tool. This style of Falstad demands a burst healing support on your team and multiple warriors to provide enough front line for this fragile build to freely poke for damage. Once you hit level 16-20 you entire purpose is to land a devastating Arcane Power + Hinterlands Blast. Note: Flow Rider is an acceptable talent over Power Throw as it synergies very well with BOOMerang

The Late Gamer

You have a feeling the game will go long because your opponents are running multiple warriors and other late game heroes. Seasoned Marksman rewards split pushing and Vampiric Assault gives you the sustainability needed to always be in lane. From there, Secret Weapon, Giant Killer and and Hammer Time combo together to do one thing- quickly kill the stunned target you have isolated using Mighty Gust.

The Team Fight Conductor

Battle Momentum and Mighty Gust synergies together to make the already low cool down of 40 seconds seem every smaller. Mighty Gust will be available every team fight and, once upgraded at level 20 with Wind Tunnel, a clever Falstad can lead his team victory on his own. This is my favorite build when solo-queing with Falstad against a team who appears to equally be disorganized. Note: After Burner makes up for the lack of Epic Mount in positioning your self during late game team fights.

The best part about Falstad is that you can easily make your own build on the spot and see success. First Aid is always available if you keep getting killed and talents like Static Shield, while not normally powerful, can be picked up in niche situations to help Falstad survive against aggressive warriors. Never be stagnant in your talent choices with Falstad- he can adapt to the particular game he is in better than most any other ranged assassin.


What is Falstad's greatest strength?

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Thank you for voting!
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