Nexus Newbies #6: Kerrigan gets her priorities straight

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Episode 12345,

Our replay submitter has a 36% win-rate on Blackhearts bay and wants to know how to improve that number. My biggest piece of advice? Objectives.

Blackhearts Bay has so many objectives, it's hard to know what to do next. Our Kerrigan player does a good job of securing some kills, but plays a little too passively in situations where they could of started to snowball.

Also, worth noting is a interesting early game build that allows Kerrigan to take merc camps quickly, which is a good bit of foresight for a map like Blackhearts. 

Lessons Learned this episode:

  • Kerrigan is an opportunist! Focus on finding the ideal times to strike and try not to play too safe during team fights. Shields don't do much when you don't take damage.
  • The build on display allows for quick clearing of early game mercs. Take advantage of this and quickly capture the side pirates that carrying gold coins whenever possible.
  • Whem you use Maelstrom, focus on hitting as many targers as possible. Using in the middle of a minion wave during a team fight is ideal, as it significantly increases shield gains. Maelstrom isn't a defensive heroic, or one to use when you want to burst down a target- it's a initiation tool when the opponent is forced to fight you.
  • Consider the following scenarios and imagine you can only choose one. You can obtain more coins, turn in a bunch of coins, or push the the enemy structures. As a rule, pushing the enemy base for free is always the preferred option. Cut out the middle man!
  • When you decimate the enemy team, get as greedy as possible. Spread out your team and capture as many different objectives as possible. Take map control and never let it go- it's possible on Blackhearts.
  • Don't die trying to prevent enemy turn ins - delaying an objective without fully stopping is a good practice, but not if you die. If you do delay the enemy, use that time to have other members on your team capture an objective.

Dorazion and Vannity have been playing Heroes since the earliest stage of the Alpha, going all the way back to the games first public appearance at BlizzCon. Their work in eSports exposes them to countless professional matches across all regions, and, as rank 1 players(currently trying to conquer the new patch grind) hovering around the 3300 MMR, helping out newer players without a firm grasp on optimal play behavior is exactly how they would like to spend their time. 

If you want your replay critiqued, send in a replay to [email protected] with a couple of notes on what you think is wrong and what you would like to improve. Any heroes and any skill levels are accepted!

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