Nexus Newbies #4: Zeratul learns how to wormhole

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In this episode of Nexus Newbies, Dorazion and Vannity take a look at one of the more skill testing heroes in the game, Zeratul.

We all know he is capable of big plays, but how do you transcend to this level? Zeratul is a fragile hero and he needs to be in melee range to deal full damage. This means proper usage of blink and the level 13 talent, wormhole, are paramount.

In this game, our Zeratul player struggles to survive in large team fights and feels like he or she were carried through the game. As the weakest link of the team, we identify small improvements and offer a different mindset on how to approach Zeratul. With these tips, you can up your Zeratul game in no time.

Lessons Learned this episode:

  • Regeneration master is a strong talent that gets extremely weak when globes aren't actively gathered. If the early game doesn't seem ripe for ganks, travel back and forth between lane and grow your regeneration!
  • Block is a powerful talent vs Nova, and should always be considered if you face her. Also, Nova vs. Zeratul is a particular matchup that rewards patient play. Wait for her if you can't see her on the map.
  • Punish Jaina for not picking ice armor- she falls very fast when not talented to fight Zeratul.
  • Wormhole completely changes Zeratul's playstyle for the better. Poke at the enemies every time blink is on cool down and use wormhole as an escape. Remember: Where you blink NEEDS to be far away enough to make retaliation impossible. Not just hard- IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Follow through rewards you for opening up with Q, not an auto attack. Weave attacks between Spells always.
  • Void Prison targets that win team fights for the enemy- Healers and Mages are ideal.

Dorazion and Vannity have been playing Heroes since the earliest stage of the Alpha, going all the way back to the games first public appearance at BlizzCon. Their work in eSports exposes them to countless professional matches across all regions, and, as rank 1 players hovering around the 3300 MMR, helping out newer players without a firm grasp on optimal play behavior is exactly how they would like to spend their time. 

If you want your replay critiqued, send in a replay to [email protected] with a couple of notes on what you think is wrong and what you would like to improve. Any heroes and any skill levels are accepted!

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