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Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

Episode #2

Our first game critique comes from a heroes player called Jabbitar. Jabbitar plays an aggressive style of Valla that sacrifice almost all utility in favor of auto attack damage. In the submitted replay however, Valla gets bullied out of lane, loses 1v1's and seems to always be the first to die in a team fight. What's going on?

Vann and I get right into it and identify some clear issues: Jabbitar wants to deal massive amounts of damage, but Valla dies too quickly for that to happen. We want to be auto attacking from a safe distance with this build and less worried about hitting our Hungering Arrows or Multi-shots. 1 or 2 auto attacks without punishment is much better than 3-4 auto attacks after taking a bunch of free damage.

Check out the above critique. Did you learn anything new, or are you more experienced than our featured player? Let us know in the comments!

Dorazion and Vannity have been playing Heroes since the earliest stage of the Alpha, going all the way back to the games first public appearance at BlizzCon. Their work in eSports exposes them to countless professional matches across all regions, and, as rank 1 players hovering around the 3300 MMR, helping out newer players without a firm grasp on optimal play behavior is exactly how they would like to spend their time. 

If you want your replay critiqued, send in a replay to [email protected] with a couple of notes on what you think is wrong and what you would like to improve. Any heroes and any skill levels are accepted!

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