What League of Legends players could pick to dominate Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Viktor “JamesDickens” Laskov

When moving from the old and rusty League of Legends to the new and fresh Heroes of the Storm it is always nice to know what to pick up first. For solid reference you should check out our feature about “How League of Legends players will transition to Heroes of the Storm”.  In this feature, I will handle your pick problems and give you some pointers. Both champions in LoL and heroes in HoTS have unique designs thus they don’t really overlap much, but they do have some similarities.

Top lane

In League the top lane meta juggles between bruisers and tanks with a few AD caster assassins (Pantheon, Riven, Jayce). Since laning isn’t the same thing in Heroes as it is in League, I will discuss the role LoL top laners are used to having in teamfights, and the best suitable heroes to fill it with.  If you are a fan of the bruiser and tank meta, you are in luck. The Kael’Thas patch was specifically friendly to the Warrior class in Heroes and they are stronger than ever. Notable mentions are Diablo, ETC and Sonya. I am choosing those three, because they make the best sense to LoL players out of all warriors in Heroes.

Diablo acts like a “Mega Gnar”, constantly pushing and throwing targets around. What top laners from League will love about him is his passive that allows him to collect souls of nearby dying minions, granting him extra hp as well as a nice effect - if Diablo has 100 souls his death timer will only be five seconds at the cost of souls collected. Before asserting your status as a Lord of Terror, check this guide for tips.

ETC is a big and annoying crowd control metalhead. He can slide, stun, push, heal and mass stun targets at will. As a League of Legends player, when choosing between his two heroics (League of Legends equivalent of ultimate) “Stage dive” and “Mosh pit” you will probably always choose “Mosh pit”. And this has a reason. “Mosh pit” is an excellent spell that, if timed correctly, wins the fight. It has a 0.75 seconds cast time and after it is cast, stuns all targets in small proximity. Definitely a spell that would be liked by any LoL top laner, as they are all used to being in the middle of the fight. In order to rock with the best of them, make sure to check this piece for pointers.

Sonya is awesome. In LoL terms she seems to be the result of Renekton and Garen having a child. Even though that sounds scary, the result is brilliant. Sonya has no mana and instead uses “fury”, that she gains on basic attacks, as a way to use abilities.  She has a low cooldown empowered attack, a spin move that heals her and a reliable gap closer. In addition to this, her choice between Heroics is to jump on everyone and stun them or massively empower herself for more havoc. The ways of the wandering barbarian are revealed in this nice guide.

Mid lane  

If you are a mid laner in LoL you are an assassin in HoTS. Since the mid lane is rather diverse I have to admit that it is hard to cover a picture as general as the top lane one. If you are a fan of dishing huge damage from the back line, picking up Jaina and, as of recent, Kael’Thas seem to be the best choices. They both have combos pretty similar to the LoL mage ones and they both get super scary as the game reaches its later stages.

Jaina is rather similar to Lissandra in the fact that her spells slow and hurt your soul, but she does not go as far as lock down targets in the same point-click manner Lissandra does. This is a great guide with some suggestions on how to use Jaina.

As for Kael, he is extremely fun to play, he burns his targets like Brand and his trait (HoTS equivalent to passive in League) is similar to Karma’s ultimate and empowers his abilities with fancy effects. In addition to that, the cooldoown of this empowerment is rather low, so the space for innovation and combos is endless. When exploring what the Blood Elf can do, make sure to check this guide for pointers.

If you prefer melee assassins, the notable choices right now are definitely Illidan and Kerrigan. Both deal a lot of damage, both have good combos and a good skill cap to separate the good players from the great ones.

Illidan is a cooldown based assassin who is highly mobile, hits hard and is able to block all enemy basic attacks for a few seconds, similar to Jax only without the stun. If used properly Illidan can take on more than one enemy and come on top without a problem. Having a healer to back him up personally usually ends up in him wiping the whole enemy team slowly and painfully. When learning the ways of the Betrayer, check out this guide for best results.

Kerrigan is all about the combos. She has a reset on her Q that acts similar to Kha’zix’s E reset which makes her able to jump around quite often in a heated team fight. She also has a pull similar to Darius’s pull and, if timed correctly, she can combo it with a stun that resembles Cho gath’s “Rupture”(with the difference that this ability stuns and the Rupture doesn’t). Taking the Queen of Blades path is not easy, so use this talent build to make it easier.


Even though junglers barely resemble them, Specialists are a LoL jungler’s niche in HoTS. A lot of people agree that junglers are the strategic masterminds in each game, and this is even more valid for Specialist players. Specialists can set the tempo of the game and can single handedly apply pressure to lanes/objectives. They also do the most "jungler" thing ever – kill a mercenary camp alone, capture it and proceed to help in the team fight. Notable mentions are Sylvanas and Zagara. All other specialists have such a unique gameplay that, at first, a LoL player won’t really know how to react to them.

Here comes Sylvanas. When she attacks minions or towers they are so stunned by her appearance that they just stop moving or attacking. She also has a pretty reliable escape and a Heroic that deals tons of damage and silences the enemy team. If you want to be the man of the hour when using her, check out our feature on how to dominate your foes.

Zagara is a pretty great mass damage dealer. She is capable of making the lane, or anything else on the map, feel like home by laying “creep” that infests the soil and improves her hp regen while standing on it. Using that creep for vision is pretty great, since it can only be destroyed by AOE abilities, if the enemy even knows where to aim. Added to that, she can summon annoying zerglings to rip on your enemy's face and has no trouble tearing down walls and towers with ease. Her preferred heroic is also pretty awesome – something scary erupts from the ground to lock your enemies in it. In a while it lets them go so you can wipe them and march to victory. To make sure your conquest is successful you should visit this guide for tips.


For all the Vayne mains – just pick Valla and go on her auto attack build path. Using this build Valla seems like an overpowered Vayne. For reference check out this guide on how to achieve this effect. For the rest – pick up Raynor since he is simple and has a Caitlyn type of range and Tychus, because Tychus is a lean mean fighting machine.

Elaborating on Tychus – with the right positioning he just deals too much damage and he can kite for himself using his grenade that knocks people away, or secure kills for himself using the same grenade to knock them back to him. He has a dash similar to Graves and just like Graves he recently lost his cigar. That makes him mad and ready for action. Check this guide out, so shooting down enemies becomes a piece of cake.



Supporting in Heroes of the Storm is amazing. All supports heal and they heal a lot. Additionally, they have plenty of crowd control and disables that can turn a fight around. Notable mentions for LoL players are Lilly, Uther and my personal favorite, Rehgar.

Lili is a little panda girl that can heal you, send a little dragon your way to attack your foes (like Lulu’s pixie) and blind enemies for two of their basic attacks. Her preferred heroic massively heals the closest friendly hero. Being an adorable panda in the Nexus is dangerous. Check this guide out for some tips on surviving.

Uther resembles a Taric approach with a stun similar to his, with the difference that as a Heroic he can mass stun a lot of targets around him and when he dies, he keeps walking around for a while to heal his allies. He is pretty strong and highly regarded in the game right now. If you want to know more about Uther, check out our introductory guide.

Rehgar is a shaman that heals his allies, slows the enemies and his heroic “Astral Blessing” makes you want to put your fist through your monitor. This heroic, when cast on his ally, heals the ally to full hp after a little delay. This is absolutely game breaking and is often the Rehgar who decides how a fight will end. If you want your enemies to really hate you, this guide will put you on the path to glory.

Keep in mind those are suggestions and I am aware that different heroes that would fit a League of Legends player do exist. However from the perspective of a player coming from League of Legends, those are the best pick-ups. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions; I am always available for tips.


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