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Greymane - Is the big bad wolf back?

After a series of hard-hitting patches in 2016, Greymane did not have much going for him besides having trimmed claws. Recent buffs seem to have reawakened the inner beast in Greymane. But how to build the new Greymane?

Heroes GosuGamers

Heroic Trios: SGT.Hammer stun locks

Our latest trio offers plenty of front line and the ranged damage to make it all worth it. While securing advantage thanks to the impossibly strong Dehaka solo lane, Varian, SGT.Hammer, and the rest of the squad can lay waste to enemy structures.

Heroes GosuGamers

Heroic trios: the holy trinity

Valla, Auriel Tassadar is a tried and true trio that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Its sustained damage potential is unmatched, as well as it's survivability and raw healing

Heroes GosuGamers
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