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Tracer was the first Overwatch hero to join the Nexus and her unique kit functioned pretty well in HotS. There are loads of Overwatch heroes that could be brought to Heroes of the Storm, so it's time to theorycraft what they could look like!


Melee Assassin

Genji would make for a great melee assassin in Heroes of the Storm and his kit could actually transfer pretty well. Most of his abilities would make sense in HotS without a whole lot of reworking.

D (Trait) - Part of getting the correct feel for Genji in HotS would be recreating his mobility, to an extent. His trait could be either a passive movement and attack speed boost, or if that plays out to be too OP it could be an activated trait. Either way his movement speed would make him feel more mobile.

Q - Shuriken: Genji's Q ability would utilize his Shuriken. It could be a skillshot that throws three shuriken's, doing minor damage on a relatively low cooldown. This would give him some of the same poke that he has in Overwatch, but would still keep the focus on his melee.

W - Deflect: Deflect could be a very powerful ability in Heroes of the Storm. When activated, it could deflect all incoming damage for a short period of time, not only saving Genji from taking damage but also potentially hurting enemies as well.

E - Swift Strike: This could be a major source of damage for Genji on a longer cooldown that would do a solid amount of damage to all enemy heroes in the range of the skill. This would also help recreate some of his mobility.

R - Dragonblade: This would be Genji's ultimate and it would act very similarly to how it does in Overwatch. It could give him a significant damage increase on all abilities for a short period of time, as well as maybe even reducing cooldowns as well. 


Ranged Assassin

Junkrat would actually be a very interesting addition in the Nexus and could probably transition pretty well. His kit would need some working to perfect his Frag Launcher, but everything else he has to offer would make for a very interesting ranged assassin. Instead of using a mana mechanic, he would probably need an ammo mechanic very similar to Tracer's.

Trait - Junkrat's trait would be the most important thing to get right as it would probably deal with how he transitions into Hereos. The trait could make his auto attack launch grenades at enemy heroes, dealing relatively good damage for an auto attack. It would also need to be activated to reload, very similar to Tracer's trait. On top of this, it would also have the "Total Mayhem" aspect of Junkrat's kit that drops a round of explosives when he dies. 

Q - Frag Launcher: Junkrat's main source of damage would be from his Frag Launcher. His Q skill would be his Frag Launcher, activating to launch frag grenades to a specified area. This skill would have virtually no cooldown, but he would have to reload after a certain number of frag grenades. These grenades would explode on enemy contact, or after a short delay if they happen to hit the ground first.

W - Concussion Mine: Junkrat's mine could make for a very interesting skill in Heroes of the Storm. It could function very similarly to how it does in Overwatch - He could use it to launch himself in a certain direction or it could be thrown at enemies to do damage as well. It would technically work the same as it does in Overwatch; Press W to throw the mine and then press W again to explode it. 

E - Steel Trap: This one would work identically to how it does in Overwatch. Junkrat would throw his steel trap and it would remain active until he throws another one (similar to Chromie's 'Time Trap') and it would root any enemy who runs over it for a solid amount of time. 

R - Rip Tire: There are a couple of different ways that this ability could be done in Heroes. First, it could function the same as it does in Overwatch where Junkrat would use the ability and then control the tire into a group of enemies, activating the skill again to blow it up. It would do massive damage to all enemy heroes in the blast radius. It could also be used as a sort of skill-shot, where Junkrat launches the mine (while not controlling it) and then presses R again to blow it up. It would definitely need tweaking to make sure it works in the Heroes play style. 



Mei would be an absolute blast to play in Heroes of the Storm. Her kit would fit very well with the right tweaks, and she could seriously be a pretty powerful specialist. She would probably need a mana mechanic to keep her balanced, but her ability to zone enimies would be very fun to see in Heroes.

D (Trait): Mei's trait would switch what her gun does, therefore changing her Q ability. It would toggle between her Endothermic Blaster that freezes enemies and her ice pick ability. This would allow her to either freeze enemies or do a good amount of damage to them. This would need to have some sort of cooldown to keep her balanced, but could make for some really cool palys.

Q - Endothermic Blaster: This would be a skillshot that is changed by activating her trait. If set onto the freeze mode, it would work almost exactly as it does in Overwatch - a consistant blast following a skillshot that would freeze an enemy hero if they stand in the blast too long. The freeze would only be for a short time, but would be a powerful tool to help your team do damage. On the other hand, if her trait is switched to Ice Pick it would be the same skillshot however it shoots an icicle in the direction of the skillshot, doing damage to the first enemy hit. 

W - Cryo-Freeze: This ability would essentially function as the Ice Block talent but would come as part of her basic kit. It would put her into a stasis where she is immune to damage for a short time, and similar to Overwatch it would do a bit of healing as well. 

E - Ice Wall: This ability would be what would round out Mei's kit as a specialist. She would be able to create a temporary Ice Wall in a location that blocks enemies from passing through. Similar to Overwatch it would have health and could be destroyed by enemies, but it would block all basic attack damage as well as abilities. This would make for a great zoning skill, blocking off enemies and holding down choke points.

R - Blizzard: Mei's ultimate would be her Blizzard that she would throw to a location, and then it would freeze enemies within it's radius. It would work similarly to Mosh-Pit in a sense that it disables enemies for a short period of time, allowing teammates to unload damage on them. This would round out her kit that is pretty heavy on crowd control. 


Melee Warrior

Reinhardt would make for a very interesting tank in HotS and his kit would generally transition well, however he would probably take a lot of balancing to make sure his Barrier Field isn't extremely OP. He also would have to mechanically work differently than current heroes to make his directional skills work, but with the right development he would be a pretty powerful tank.

Trait - Reinhardt's trait would give him a shield when he has been out of combat for a certain length of time. It would essentially give him a bit of sustainability and help him be a more consistent threat on the battlefield. 

Q - Barrier Field: This would be the signature Reinhardt ability that creates a shield that blocks incoming damage. This is what would make balancing Reinhardt tricky though, seeing as the shield would have to have a health of its own and couldn't be too OP. Mechanically it would also have to work differently, such as while active it would need to follow the mouse to allow for directional blocking, or something similar to provide the same effect. This would be a really tricky skill to get right, but it can be done and would allow for a very different tank that Heroes of the Storm has yet to see.

W - Charge: This is a good source of damage for Reinhardt and could be used to zone enemy heroes, however it would also make him rather hard to play. With great power comes great responsibility, and bad Reinhardt's wouldn't use the skill properly and would end up charging into enemy towers or even into the entire enemy team. It would be a directional skillshot of sorts, damaging and pinning the first enemy it hits.

E - Fire Strike: This would be a skillshot that gives Reinhardt a bit of poke. It would work almost exactly how it works in Overwatch to where it damages the first enemy from a distance.

R - Earthshatter: This ultimate would knock down and stun enemy heroes in front of Reinhardt for a period of time. Earthshatter would be a great way to shift momentum in a fight, and really wouldn't be too hard to balance compared to the rest of his kit.



Seeing as there's been complaints from the community about the lack of supports in Hereos, Lucio would definitely be a great addition to the game. He wouldn't necessarily act as a main healer, but would be a great support to have by increasing movement speed and offering a bit of healing as well. On top of that, his kit really wouldn't be too hard to transition into HotS considering most of it works together pretty well for a support.

D (Trait) - Crossfade: Lucio's trait would work almost identically to how it works in Overwatch. It would be toggled to either increase movement speed of nearby allies, or to heal nearby allies. It would be a constant aura that applies to all allies within a certain distance.

Q - Sonic Amplifier: This would be a source of damage for Lucio, shooting his sonic amplifier in a skillshot in front of him. It wouldn't be massive damage by any means, but would allow for him to have a bit of poke.

W - Push: This ability would work much like his right-click does in Overwatch. It would push all enemies back within a cone shaped radius in front of Lucio, making for a pretty good zoning tool. 

E - Amp it Up: This would also be the same as it is in Overwatch - once activated it would increase the effect of Crossfade for a short period of time. This would either increase healing or movement speed, whichever his trait is toggled to. It would need to have a decent cooldown to be balanced, but could really change a team fight,

R - Sound Barrier: Lucio's ultimate would be placed on the ground underneath him and would apply to a small radius around him. It shields all friendly heroes within it's radius and could even do a bit of healing to help keep it balanced.

All of these Overwatch heroes would make for very interesting additions to Heroes of the Storm, and could help to add heroes with new and interesting mechanics. There are also some Overwatch heroes that would make great skins for existing heroes, such as a Roadhog skin for Stitches or even a Bastion skin for Sgt. Hammer. If you think there are other Overwatch heroes that would fit well in HotS let us know in the comments!

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