A new Heroes of the Storm talk show is on the rise.

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

Hosted by two familiar Heroes faces, lauralania and Royalite, The Core Report (pronounced 'repore' get it?) discussions bring not only the opinions of the hosts themselves but a weekly special guest. Lauralania and Royalite both tells us they’re trying to bring all aspects of Heroes together with a splash of personality:

At the 'Core' we believe right now most shows center around esports and the breakdown of individual Heroes, teams, leagues, etc. We of course have that in our show but we are trying to bring in all the aspects of the community. From doing shows with media, casters, and other influencers in the scene. We are going forward with our style of a news broadcast with a talk show style twist.

It's no secret there are a slew of other Heroes of the Storm coverage shows like this out there, so what makes this different than any other coverage show/podcast/talk show? First of all, the production is top notch. From the graphics, to the music, to the format. The graphics alone provided pre-show and during are high quality level. They give the show a feeling of professionalism with a side of creativity. The tournament update graphics provided pre-show are also helpful to viewers who may not know about smaller events like GO4Heroes, Nexverse, etc.

There are amazing Heroes of the Storm shows already but there is so much going on. So we feel we have a lot to add to the community’s conversation on various topics like news from the pro and amateur teams and tournaments. We wanted to create something that was targeted towards viewers that don’t follow the scene as closely as we do but want the “good stuff”.

While the hosts are heavily involved in the Heroes of the Storm community, they’re not casters, they’re not pro-players, they’re not Blizzard or ESL employees, their fans of the game, just like you and me. They bring the perspective of a casual but dedicated fan of not only the game but the esports side of Heroes of the Storm as it continues to grow.

Subjects weren’t long and drawn out either. A topic was discussed, then they moved on. Which is wise with the one-hour(ish) format. One hour is also perfect to get the discussion out there, hear the hosts/guests opinion, then move on to the next topic and let the twitch chat and viewers discuss it amongst themselves.

The Core Report is every Tuesday at 9:30pm Eastern on twitch.tv/lauralania. Next week our very own Jacob "ManMode" Godfrey will be on the show! Missed the first episode? Don’t worry, you can catch it on YouTube.

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