North America Heroes Global Championship

  • Prize pool US$425,000
  • Start date 21 Nov 2016
  • End date 1 Dec 2017

Prize pool - $425,000

1. $70,000 USD 3. $52,500 USD
2. $52,500 USD 4-8. $50,000 USD


Participating teams

  Tempo Storm   B Step
  Gale Force eSports   Team Naventic
  Team Freedom   No Tomorrow
  Team 8   Superstars

Main event

League Play
  • One group of eight teams
  • Double Round-Robin
  • Best-of-five series
  • Status: Completed
  • KotH Bracket
  • Best-of-five series
  • Status: Completed

Type: Online


3 Qualifiers
  • Single-Elimination
  • Top 2 teams from each bracket advance to League Play


2017 HGC North America Pro League – Phase 1 League Play Round 2

14 Apr 2017

2017 HGC North America Pro League – Phase 1

14 Jan 2017
Playoffs - Playoffs
League - Group Stage

North America Heroes Global Championship Qualifiers

22 Nov 2016
Qualifier #3 - Qualifiers
Qualifier #2 - Qualifiers
Qualifier #1 - Qualifiers

News & Features

Meta lessons from the HGC: Week 3

Week three of the HGC turned some heads with hero picks and revealed some big differences between the major regions. Arthas, SGT. Hammer and Nazeebo in 2017? 

Heroes GosuGamers

Meta Lesson from the HGC: Week 2

We look at the last two weeks of the HGC Pro division and reflect on some of the meta lessons learned. This week, Leoric and Zeratul made a splash and Tassadar had his last day in the sun.

Heroes GosuGamers

Meta lesson learned from the first weekend of the HGC

Hardcore and casual players alike looked to the professional teams this weekend for a glimpse at what strategies and hero picks could them an edge. While some of the bans remain universal, the pick rates have never been more chaotic.

Heroes GosuGamers
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