The reward track changes were designed to look like a lot while not fixing anything.

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Maths has already begun to come out regarding the newly promised changes to the new rewards track.

It's better now - from what I've seen, roughly 1.6k gold over the track better than before, not counting the "we're soooorrryyy" freebies. There's also been a slight amount of freedom added back - players who don't like ranked now need to win less, and Tavern Brawls contribute towards quests again. But this isn't even coming close to fixing all the things that needed fixing, that we hoped the new rewards system would come with.

  • The current rewards from the new system still don't come close to matching the increased cost of the game from mini-expansions.

  • The dust economy is still an absolute joke.

  • Despite the huge number of wild sets, there's still no discount for wild.

  • The tavern pass is still not included in the extremely high-cost pre-order.

  • There's still no reliable way to earn small amounts of gold.

lot of people will try to tell you that if you're still complaining, you'll 'never be satisfied', 'just hate blizzard', are being 'too greedy'. Ignore them - the system is still bad and complaining about it is still valid if you love this game and want to be able to play it while getting good value for your time or money. These changes were designed to look like a lot while being relatively little, and erode the community's anger and dissatisfaction. Don't let it work.

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