Anyone else feel like Blizz's reaction is just way too little? I want a radical change, so that you

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For those who don't know, Blizzard just released a statement announcing changes to the reward system following the community outrage.

In a nutshell, they're reducing the amount of xp you need to reach level 50 and making changes to the quests themselves, among other things. You can read all the details in their post: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/news/23585675

Don't get me wrong, all the changes they're announcing are good. But I feel like they're missing the point. I've been following the posts in here closely over the past few weeks, and while a lot of people where complaining about the reward system, a lot more people seemed to criticize the cost of the game in general.

Most posts and comments seemed to be along the lines of "Yeah the new reward structure is not ideal, but the real problem is that the game is too expensive and people are just waking up to that now because of the updated reward structure."

So yes, with their planned updates the game will become marginally cheaper than it is right now. But it's still going to be absurdly expensive.

  • For $80 (the price of a AAA game) you will still only get a fraction of an expansion.

  • It's still extremely expensive to get a full collection.

  • The negative aspects of their current content release strategy (which I've detailed¬†here) are left completely untouched.

  • EDIT: They didn't even have the decency to remove the paid Tavern Pass and include those rewards into the progression system.

I feel like they're just desperate to throw something out there to prevent a negative spiral. But it's just not enough. They need to significantly reduce the overall cost of the game.

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