Tempo Mage Player Seeking Guildence for Three Bad Matchups. Please Help!!!

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Hi all mage gods,

I'm using tempo mage on the ladder right now. It's very fun for sure. But the matchups are so polarized. I almost never loss to Paladin, 50/50 on hunter. Favored against Priest and rogue. But I really have a problem with three mountains: Bomb Warrior, GA Druid, and Soul Demon Hunter. In that order. My records are extremely bad against them. I know it's bad matchups for mage but I think top players can still achieve somewhere around 30%+ winrate. In my case I'm sure my winrate is below 20. That's insane. I'm desperate.

I'm seeking either short or a detailed guild on how to play these three matchups. Please help a lost soul. My deck is Orange's cobalt spellkin and arcane breath variant.

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