"Don't buy it" is not the only valid answer for people complaining about sub-par products.

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I agree that people insulting the devs are stupid. But at the same time, I dunno. Imagine you walk by a restaurant and you see a sign saying "Come try our new special burger!" .. You go inside and you order the burger, and it comes out as just a piece of burger, between 2 stale bread buns. No lettuce, no mayo, no onions, no tomatoes.. Just a piece of meat in bread. You have every right to be angry with the chef.

Yes, the chef does not decide the menu items, how to price them or what was promised on the outside billboard, but the chef has the ultimate responsibility in how the food tastes, and have to tell the restaurant owner that a piece of meat between two bread buns is not a special burger, and that the people would hate it.

At the end of the day, the game dev is an artist, like a movie director, they have to work within budget constraints, but they are ultimately responsible for the final product.. When you see a movie and it turns to be shitty, you do not blame Disney or WB for that, you blame the director. No one tells someone who complains about a shitty movie: "Hey, if you do not like the movie, don't watch it"

Regarding the Jaina skin, It is not even that the unique voice lines for the Jaina skin are not already in the solo adventure mode. I doubt that Blizzard Corporate told Team 5 not to pull the unique lines and use the same old voice lines.

It seems that people who are defending these practices, sadly, did not experience the quality that old Blizzard used to deliver in the past.

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