Pay or shut up is a shitty mentality

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I don't think that "Players who don't pay at every step should take what they are given and shut up" is a great mentality at all. Blizzard would not make nearly as much money through Hearthstone without the exposure they get because of the huge playerbase, and how it was built upon the f2p concept

And most of us did buy stuff, some probably spent more on the game than buying a full library of triple A titles. Should we all just take everything as it comes and make no comments because this time we don't feel like putting down the money for their deal ?

It's their choice if they do anything about it, but everyone is allowed to have a say on what they think would be best for the game and the community as a whole.

I don't like this push some of you seem to make that we should take whatever we are given at any step and shut up, or only have a say on the content we paid for.

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